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Are you Totally Hott?

If you are come join us!!!

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Applicant Rules

-Please USE LJ CUT! if you dont know how to do it the info is at the bottom.
-Use long answers, not short! Elaborate, DUH!
-Don't rush on your app either because if you rush theres no point we won't know your personality.
-no LINKS to pictures!!! its rly annoying thanks
-Do not comment unless you’ve been accepted.
-You may only comment on YOUR OWN application.(if you have not been accepted)
-Post at least THREE pictures of yourself.
-If you’ve been stamped “rejected”, you may comment with your final words, then you may leave the community and try out in exactly [5] days.
-You may only apply twice.
-You need atleast 10 votes to be accepted or rejected.
-We will judge you on your personality and your hotness.
-Somewhere in your application/entry you must put "hot hot hot" If it's not in your application, we know you did not read the rules.
-If a member does say "fuck you, you fucking fuck fuck fucker! NO!" contact dydney2002 [your awesome and lovely mod] and I'll handle it.
-After a while if you havent gotten 10 votes i'll decide wether you get in or not
-Have Fun!!!<3

Member Rules

-You can be bitchy to the applicants but be honest about it dont make up stuff or just be a jerk to be one.
-Simply vote a “yes” or a “no” you don't have to put all of you reasons.
-Judge applicants on their personality, hotness and application.
-Do not argue with the moderators. Or you WILL be warned... then perhaps banned. It depends how far the arguement goes...
-Try not to start an arguement with the other members but if you do try to end it happily. =)
-Follow the rules so you don't have to be banned. please and thank yous.
-tell us when you are going on vacation or something so we no that your not being inactive thanxz
-Have Fun!!!<3








Music Type-

Name 5 fave bands-

Fave Color-

What type of clothes do you wear? your style-

Fave store-

Fave body part-

Least fave body part-

What are four of your hobbies-

Whats your personality-

Whats the funniest/craziest thing you've ever done?-

Make us laugh with a pic or a joke-

Why do you want to join?-

Where did you hear/find about us?-

Where did you promote?(if you promote in you own lj you must promote somewhere else)show proof by links-

How do you feel about gay marriage?


Drugs and alcohol-

Pics- (3-10)

Bold questions or answers on your app and make sure there is a space between each question. thank you

Me your MOD dydney2002

Promotion pictures-


codes for promoting-
<*img src="http://img56.exs.cx/img56/7241/comejoin.jpg">(take out stars)
<*lj user="totallyhott_xo">(take out stars)


codes for promoting-
<*img src="http://img23.exs.cx/img23/1115/JessicaSimpson_462x260comejoin.jpg">(take out stars)
<*lj user="totallyhott_xo">(take out stars)


Codes for promoting-
<*img src="http://img23.exs.cx/img23/8297/christinaaguileracomejoin.jpg">
<*lj user="totallyhott_xo">


codes for promoting-
<*img src="http://img40.exs.cx/img40/5614/jessica8.jpg">(take out the stars)
<*lj user="totallyhott_xo">(take out the stars)


codes for promoting-
<*img src="http://img42.exs.cx/img42/8831/DSC02686.jpg">(take out the stars)
<*lj user="totallyhott_xo">(take out the stars)


codes for promoting-
<*img src="http://img40.exs.cx/img40/6101/aguilera.jpg">(take out the stars)
<*lj user="totallyhott_xo">(take out the stars)

Theme of the Week-

This is how you do a Lj-Cut-
<*lj-cut text="put text here"> (take out the stars)