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Age-13 days until I'm 15 :-)


Location-Westchester (shitsville), NY...but hopefully not for long.

Status-Single-ish. It's somewhat complicated but I'm trying to work that out.

Birthday-September 16, 1989

Music Type-I don't want to limit my range of music and stick it all into one category...but I guess some include rock, ska, alternative, punk rock, classic rock, prog rock, etc. Music is my life and as much as I might not like all types of it, I respect every one.

Name 5 fave bands-This changes a lot, but for now I guess...Sublime, Postal Service, Deathcab for Cutie, Radiohead, Grateful Dead and muchhhh more.

Fave Color-Yellow. It's just so happy.

What type of clothes do you wear? your style-Again, I don't want to fit everything into one "style..." I also don't like the judging and stereotyping that comes with designated labels (ie "punk," "goth" etc). I wear what I like and what's comfortable. Jeans and a regular shirt will do it for me.

Fave store-Urban Outfitters

Fave body part-Eyes

Least fave body part-Stomach/Legs

What are four of your hobbies-Playing drums, watching Requiem for a Dream (which includes staring at Jared Leto), eating maccaroni and cheese, hanging out with friends.

Whats your personality-I'm outgoing, empathetic, and genuine. My number one thing is too have fun so I always try to make sure people are having a good time.

Whats the funniest/craziest thing you've ever done?-Can't think of a good one off hand, sorry.

Make us laugh with a pic or a joke-

(Fat llamas are the shit!!)

Why do you want to join?-If accepted, I know that I'll be completely honest and sincere with my votes and I'll try to promote as much as possible. I also want to know what people think about me.

Where did you hear/find about us?- thanks </a></a>dydney2002  :-)

Where did you promote?(if you promote in you own lj you must promote somewhere else)show proof by links- click

How do you feel about gay marriage? Marriage is a sign of affection, love, and dedication and in no way should be based on gender. Love who you want to for the person they are, not for what reproductive organs they have.

Abortion-What happens to a woman's body is completely her decision. In cases such as rape when a woman is manipulated and has no say in any choice, sometimes she may think that it is imperitive for her to have an abortion..and who's to say that she isn't? If people are ruling that women have no choice, doesn't that make them almost as bad as the rapists are?

Drugs and alcohol-As a lot of people have, I have had my fair share of experimenting. I wouldn't necessarily promote either one, but if a person wants to try something, I say go ahead. It's completely their decision.

Pics- (3-10)

^ right

^ top left

( ^ i love my aviators)

thanks guyssss!

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